Installation & Hanging Options

What’s Included?

Your sign will come with*:
– a power supply
(see diagram)
– wall hanging wires
(included but may not apply to your needs)
– wall hanging screws
* your actual sign components may vary then what is pictured. 

Tips and Tricks

1. Always use anchors on drywall, concrete or brick walls.
2. Have a friend help!
3. Call for support for questions.


Cut Around Letters

Two people recommended for easier installation.
1. Remove protective backing.
2. Position sign to desired position.
3. Mark holes with pencil.
4. Punch holes in wall.
5. Hold sign over holes, screw holes.
6. Plug in & enjoy!

Cut to letters


1. Lay each line correctly on the floor measure top and bottom and across.
2. Mark the entire sign area with pencil where you like best.
3. Remove protective backing paper.
4. Set the first line against the wall and have a second person mark the installation holes with pencil.
5. Then move to second line with pre measured space in between follow the same way on the first line.
6. Do the same the rest of the lines if you have.
7. Plug in and enjoy!

Square Cut Backing

1. Remove protective backing paper.
2. Use a level and ensure bottom is straight.
3. Mark drill marks with pencil.
4. Drill holes and fasten screws.
5. Plug in & enjoy!

Free Standing

1.Remove protective paper.
2. Slide inserts into slits.
3. Plug in & enjoy.