Is LED Neon For You?

LED Neon

Glass Neon

Our LED neon is an evolved interpertation of the beloved neon sign.  While offering the same nostalgic vibe, our neons are more durable for modern uses in the home, office, food trucks, and events with less frailities.

Safe for children’s nurseries, safe to touch, durable, portable, dimmable, handmade, and even an option to change colors. These neons are designed to fit your lifestyle and needs.

Why Peachy Neon?

1. We’ve been around in the industry for 38 years.
Check us out,, we are keeping traditional glass neon alive over there.

2. We started Peachy Neon to adapt to our customers needs and serve the new generation of neon sign lovers.

3. Our price is 5-10% lower then leading online LED neon shops! (we are always researching competitive prices to deliver you the best rates.)

4. Free controller and dimmer! The other guys charge you $25 bucks!

Sound Good?


How do I start?


I want a glass neon

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Customize your LED neon.

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Shop LED neon lights for Home, Decor, Events, Corporate, Mobile..etc.

Chill, we still got you, here is our sister company. This is where we started and we will take care of your needs here.