Is LED Neon For you?

Our LED neon is an evolved interpertation of the nostalgic glass sign for the new generation! Safe enough for children’s room and bright enough to light up a whole event. Our signs are safe to touch, durable, portable, handmade, and even can change color. (additonal fee may apply) These neons are designed to fit your lifestyle and needs.

Why Us?

1. We’ve been around in the industry for 38 years.
Check us out,, we are keeping traditional glass neon alive over there.

2. We started Peachy Neon to adapt to our customers needs and serve the new generation of neon sign lovers.

3. Our price is 5-10% lower then leading online LED neon shops! (we are always researching competitive prices to deliver you the best rates.)

4. Free controller and dimmer! The other guys charge you $25 bucks!

Ready To Start?

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No! I want a glass neon!

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