Our Story


We were established in 1983 in the city of Glendale next to Los Angeles as a small neon sign shop named Abis signs,Inc. Our early years, we made all kinds of signs for our community and back in the 80’s our market was geared mostly toward business owners and for commercial purposes.  

As the world has changed, so has our customers.  What used to be a product for business owners, we now sell direct to customers for their homes, events, and food trucks.  However, the traditional glass neon was made for more stationary purposes, gets extremely hot to touch, and very fragile. We’ve had unfortunate deliveries close to weddings where broken signs devastated the couples. 

Thus, the LED flex neon! Peachy Neon is dedicated to an unbreakable, safer, low voltage, easy for shipping without using risky glass materials for future neon signs 

The time finally came, PVC or Silicone tube LED came out to the market.

This is the way of 21st. Century neon sign that we can offer to the world business and even home decor industry.

I am a real sign guy for last 37 years, and I’m so excited to introduce the products that totally make sense for everybody, More durable, last longer, Affordable, Safer, What else can I say?

So please ask us frankly what’s in your mind, we can make it real for your mottos or slogans with creativity.

Our in-house customer service and designer are waiting for your inquiry from all over the world and ship the beautiful art pieces from our international facility to your door directly.