Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between conventional glass neon signs and LED flex neon signs?

Our LED neon signs are

  1. Made out of PVC and some silicone materials which is virtually unbreakable compared to glass neon signs. No more shuttered glass delivered to your door.
  2. LED neon signs are energy efficient using 12V low voltage, compared to glass tube neon using step up 5000V-12000V output. Means low energy cost and safer. 
Can we hang sign outdoors under wet conditions?

 Yes, Please specify upon in the tool check box or checkout that you plan on using your sign outddors and we will seal the connections to be water resistant.

Keep in mind the power supply should be indoors or in a watertight box.


What is theavarage lead time for custom LED neon order?

Every single order is made in our international factory and ship directly to you wherever you are in the world.

Due to COVID 19,our lead time is 2-3 weeks through some regions may take a few days longer.

How long do the LED neon signs last?

Roughly 30,000 hrs.

About 10 years if you turn on 8 hrs everyday.

On the long run, you may experience power supply failure, we have a replacement unit for you to ship out with a small charge that you can replace by yourself.

Is power cord set come long enough to install the sign?

You will have about 8ft plus length cord out of power unit and from LED neon unit itself.

Doesn’t LED neon get shock like glass tube neon?

Please see above “our LED neon signs are” sec. 2.

Do I have to hire special installer to hang?

All our orders come with hanging materials such as screws, stand offs,chains for all occasions for normal installations that you or your friends can handle.

For outdoor installations, you may need to ask for professional labor.

How long warranty and coverage?

For every brand new orders come with 12 months warranty on workmanship and materials. Except misuse or incorrect installation by customer.

How can you make my or our company’s logo designs?

If you simply submit the jpeg or AI vector files, our in house designer will make some mock ups according to your specifications also share some suggestions to make it work even better and faster.

Import fees and Duties

Some countries may be subject to import fees/duties or taxes when delivery takes place. Once this takes place, it is completely out of our control and you are responsible for the events and not covered by Peachy Neon.


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